“In most suspense novels, the protagonist must face off against a worthy opponent. In Tracker, the hero, Fox Walker, faces adversity in his interactions with almost everyone. When all these trails converge, the results are pure excitement.”

Mark A. Clements
Award Winning author of The Land of Nod and Lorelei

“Rich characterization, brisk pacing, graceful writing, and an in-depth knowledge of Native American spirituality and survival skills hallmark this novel.”

Laura Taylor
6-Time Romantic Times Award Winner and 2-Time MAGGIE Award Winner

“Indy Quillen offers a captivating read with an engaging protagonist. There are twists and turns aplenty in TRACKER, a book that is both action-filled and didactic.”

Alan Russell
Bestselling author of Burning Man

“Part Rambo, part Joe Leaphorn, and Jim Chee, Quillen’s Fox Walker proves himself to be a formidable hero. I look forward to seeing more of him!”

Matthew J. Pallamary
International Award Winning author of Spirit Matters & Land Without Evil

Indy ContactBeing outside in nature is the most basic part of who I am. Besides gaining knowledge about wildlife, I learn lessons about who I am, and constantly surprise myself with what I am capable of achieving. This love of the out-of-doors also means I’m a self-reliance enthusiast. Knowing I have the skills and knowledge to cope with emergencies or natural disasters gives me a peace of mind. I may never need those skills –but it’s nice to have them, all the same. It’s no surprise that my characters exhibit many of these same traits—or learn them along the way.

Nature continually inspires me. It is a part of all my writings, no matter the genre or subject matter.  As I venture into this brave new world of publishing, I sense new adventures and more ways to learn self–reliance.

I hope you’ll stick around to see what happens and share your experiences as well.

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When tracker Fox Walker is called upon by the FBI to hunt down an escaped convict hiding in the Colorado wilderness he learns the fugitive is former Navy SEAL, Matt Logan. A man top of his class in weapons, stealth, hand-to-hand combat, and a trained wilderness survivalist. The two men must employ every trick they possess to evade the other. But the longer Walker stalks the fugitive, the more he questions the intel supplied by the Bureau. Something doesn’t add up and Walker must rely upon his unique skills and instinct to discover the truth.

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Fox Walker Novels: Book 1

Native American tracker, Fox Walker must call upon his unique survival skills and wisdom if
he is to save the woman of the wilderness from
a killer.