Destination: Self–Reliance

To Rely on One's Own Capabilities


(self–re·li·ance  \-ri-ˈlī-ənts\)


Reliance on one’s own capabilities, judgments, and decisions in
a self-sufficient manner; independence, self-direction, resourceful.

Self-reliance is not only about how to survive the elements of Mother Nature…it’s also learning how to survive everyday situations, as well. It’s about learning how to adapt to whatever gets thrown our way. It’s about staying strong by finding inspiration in even the most mundane. Even in our careers we often face uncharted territory…where the landowners keep changing and the borders keep moving. But rather than let it overwhelm us, we can embrace a sense of new adventure right around the corner.

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Preparedness: Being Prepared vs Hoarding

Preparedness: Being Prepared vs Hoarding

I can guarantee that it wasn’t the prepared people who were emptying stores and hoarding – instead it was just the opposite. We were the ones staying out of the fray, watching the craziness from the sidelines. We didn’t need to be there. We were already prepared for something like this….were you? Trials and Tribulations offer us Life Lessons – If We Look for Them.

Writing Tip: When Creative Energy is Low

Writing Tip: When Creative Energy is Low

It has many names; low creative energy, creative burnout, creative exhaustion, creative funk. It’s not like we don’t have any ideas. We do. Tons of them. We just can’t seem to muster the energy or the motivation to tackle them and do the work…

Gardening: How to Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

Gardening: How to Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

Did you know that potatoes are the one food that gives you the most nutrition if you were in a starvation situation? Whole civilizations have done it. I suggest you at least learn how to grow some potatoes. And being able to grow them in buckets means you can grow them just about anywhere…

About Indy

Being outside in nature is the most basic part of who I am. Besides gaining knowledge about wildlife, I learn lessons about who I am, and surprise myself about what I am capable of achieving. Nature continually inspires me. It is a part of all my writings, no matter the genre or subject matter.

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American Dream

“If America could be, once again, a nation of self-reliant farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers and artists, then the rich would have little power to dominate others. Neither to serve or to rule: That was the American Dream.” 

— Edward Abbey