The Fox Walker Novels

Each of the Fox Walker books will be written as a stand-alone novel that can be read without having to read the other books. But I do believe readers receive a richer reading experience if they are read in order of publication. Tracker is book one, Pursuit is book two and Retribution will be book three—due out 2018.

The Fox Walker Novels were born out of my love for nature, my interest in tracking and wilderness survival, and my admiration for the Native American People’s culture of spiritual oneness with Mother Earth.

The stories are based on real locations in and around the Rocky Mountains and San Juan Mountains in Colorado, but know that many of the names of places are as fictionalized as the characters who inhabit them.

Although much research went into the understanding of the Ute nation and its culture as well as their use of the Shoshone language, the Fox Walker character is a creation of my imagination and a work of fiction. Thus, I did take certain liberties with that creation and use of language. As for the tracking and wilderness survival skills Walker possesses, these are based on real skills and knowledge many dedicated survivalists have shared with others.

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