Duplicity: A Fox Walker Novel

Book 3
Tracker: A Fox Walker Novel
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A Third Fox Walker Novel from Award-Winning Author

A trail of strange discoveries follows a common thread of greed and deception. Uncovering how they connect puts Walker and those he cares for in peril.

When the search for a missing person goes sideways, expert trackers Fox Walker and Nataya find themselves following a trail of strange discoveries; a long-ago abandoned mine now highly guarded, a community facing environmental pollution, and a kidnapping that isn’t what it seems.

Instinct warns Walker that the disjointed circumstances are connected as he uncovers a common thread of greed and deception. But the discoveries put him and those he cares for in peril.

Finding the answers will challenge his years of unique training and wisdom, while forcing him to face the darker side of modern society.

Preview a sample chapter of Duplicity: A Fox Walker Novel

“Returning for a third thriller, master tracker Fox Walker’s search for a missing person takes a darker turn when threats to the environment could prove equally deadly as those who would profit by keeping them hidden. With secrets unfolding and those close to him in peril, Walker is challenged to follow the path leading to life: for his principal, his woman, and an entire community.”

Dale Amidei, author of series fiction in Jon’s TrilogySean’s File, and Boone’s File


“You can call me a fan, maybe a super fan. Walker and Nataya have kept me reading until 4 o’clock in the morning and I ‘m still digesting the ending. I hope you’ll love it too.”

— Marilynne Smith


“Indy Quillen has penned another great thriller in the Fox Walker series! A great blend of suspense, tracking and survival skills along with a great cast of supporting characters both good and bad! It is my profound hope that we will see more of Walker and Nataya in their wilderness environment!”

— William Potter


“Indy Quillen’s “Duplicity” has got Fox Walker and Nataya tracking a missing person and the truth behind his disappearance. The story twists and turns and leaves you wondering how it will all fall into place. I particularly enjoy the wilderness tidbits that Walker teaches, this time, to a group of wilderness students. I’m starting to think if I were stranded in the wilderness, I’d remember some of Walker’s do’s and don’ts. I would survive! And it would be great if Walker joined me. Sigh. Then I’d definitely survive. However, Nataya might take issue with that. If you like suspense and mysteries, I recommend this book. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Suad Campbell, author of Odd Bodies and Shaky Characters