Pursuit: A Fox Walker Novel

Book 2
Tracker: A Fox Walker Novel
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Another Award-Winning Fox Walker Novel

Expert tracker Fox Walker is tasked with locating an escaped convict hiding in the Colorado forests. He soon learns the fugitive is a former Navy SEAL and trained wilderness survivalist.

NIEA Award

Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards 2018

When tracker Fox Walker is called upon by the FBI to hunt down an escaped convict hiding in the Colorado wilderness he learns the fugitive is former Navy SEAL, Matt Logan. A man top of his class in weapons, stealth, hand-to-hand combat, and a trained wilderness survivalist.

When Walker insists Nataya stay behind instead of joining him on the dangerous assignment, she is determined to find her own path and prove her worth as his partner.

Walker and Logan will employ every trick they possess to evade the other. But the longer Walker stalks the fugitive, the more he questions the intel supplied by the Bureau. Something doesn’t add up. Seems the Bureau has its own reasons for pursuing the pursued, and Nataya may hold the key.

Walker must rely upon his unique skills and instinct to discover the truth.

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5-Star Review from Readers’ Favorite 2018


~ Reviewed By Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite ~

Pursuit by Indy Quillen is the second novel in her Fox Walker series, preceded by her award-winning debut, Tracker. While Pursuit picks up where Tracker leaves off, it reads perfectly well as a stand-alone (although you’d be missing out in going that route). Fox Walker is an expert tracker, called upon to assist in finding Matt Logan, a survivalist, sleuth, and former Navy SEAL who’s escaped and is evading recapture following a murder conviction. As Walker and his new partner, Nataya, search for Logan at the behest of the FBI, Walker begins to suspect there is more to Logan’s precipitous demise than what’s been portrayed…but in order to find the truth, Walker must first outplay Logan in a wilderness that both cat and mouse are equally skilled in navigating.

I set the book down two days ago and am still on a bit of a high from this read. Indy Quillen has taken several unique themes and, somehow, has created a fully engrossing tale of (and in) Pursuit. Walker is a fantastically well developed main character who is instantly likeable. Humility, expertise, patience, and a broad skill set encapsulate this Native American protagonist. Logan, too, is so well depicted that I spent many chapters with my heart strung out in the hope of a mutually beneficial resolution for both men. The plot is deep and Quillen’s portrayal of living completely off the grid offers an authentic glimpse into survivalism in a way that elevates an already great story. I would enthusiastically recommend this book to readers who are on the hunt for an exceptional thriller.

                      *   *   *   *

“In Pursuit, Indy Quillen rewards her fans with yet another page turner featuring Fox Walker, expert tracker. I could not put down this suspense-filled thriller and its mountainous climax.

Larry M. Edwards, author, Dare I Call It Murder?

“Indy Quillen’s done it again! Pursuit will keep readers turning the page through the twists and double-twists of this Rubic’s Cube of a story. Fox Walker is assigned to track an ex-SEAL accused of murderer who has escaped into the Colorado wilderness; Nataya, whom Walker rescued in Quillen’s previous book, is determined to prove her worth as Walker’s partner, and the FBI has its own reasons for pursuing the pursued. Compelling and complex. Just the way we like our thrillers.”

Judy Reeves, author A Writer’s Book of Days and Wild Women, Wild Voices

“The writing here is excellent, where returning fans garnered by her initial installment will find a satisfying story, high stakes and enough excitement to make the last pages of Pursuit only wet the appetite for Fox Walker’s next appearance. As the man is comfortable and effective in his natural environment, so Ms. Quillen apparently is in her writing. Pursuit is the prime evidence of such.”

Dale Amidei, author, Absinthe & Chocolate and The Bonus Pool

“This is a very solid follow up to Tracker. Both Fox and Nataya become more fully realized through the course of this book, and the twists and turns of the plot will keep you guessing. Hopefully will see some more of Fox and his crew!”

DL Barbur, author, Rose City Free Fall