Reputation: A Novel

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A New Romantic Suspense Novel by Indy Quillen

A fresh start in a new locale could be exactly what Liz needs … or it could spell disaster.

Liz Allender’s Los Angeles art exhibitions have become more lavish and popular with every show. And now her artwork is being noticed by collectors from as far away as New York and London. But when the man in her life plants seeds of self-doubt about her artistic success, and then follows up with a personal betrayal, her once stable world begins to crumble. In the space of one night, Liz Allender loses both her artistic confidence and her ability to trust in love.

Liz decides a complete change of scenery, and anonymity, will allow her to experiment with her painting, minus all outside influences. She is determined to reclaim her artistic passion and confidence. She doesn’t count on meeting someone who will awaken a new and startling kind of passion in her.

But talent and popularity often spur jealousy in others. Liz learns the painful lesson of how vulnerable her reputation is to those who envy her success … and just how far some might go to destroy her. 

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“A different type of story, the same brilliant storyteller. Indy Quillen’s smooth, engaging writing style, glides the reader into the world of intrigue, betrayals, and perfectly flawed characters, set against the backdrop of art, creativity, and the subtle beauty of nature. Be prepared to read this story in one sitting.”

—Ara Grigorian, Bestselling author of 15 Days with You, Ten Year Dance & Game of Love
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“This is the kind of book I really love. Complicated characters, beautiful setting (Indy Quillen does landscape so well in all her books), fast-moving story that doesn’t move so fast I can’t also enjoy the good writing, which I did, and tension enough to keep me awake and reading into the wee hours. This is the kind of book you don’t want to stop reading because you want to know what happens next, but you also don’t want to end because you love being right there with the story and the characters. Oh, and then, after you finish the book, for the next little while, you miss the characters and wonder what they’re up to and what happened to them next. Thanks, Indy Quillen, for another fine read. I’ll need to catch up on my sleep before your next one.”

—Judy Reeves, author of Wild Women, Wild Voices and A Writer’s Book of Days


REPUTATION – a five-star read worthy of your time!

“A gifted artist faces betrayal by her lover in REPUTATION, the most recent novel from author Indy Quillen. In her quest to resolve both professional doubts and personal insecurities, highly acclaimed artist Liz Allender embraces a new identity and seeks a respite from the high stakes, international art world. She flees LA, settles into a remote mountain cabin, and commits to the renewal of her artistic passions. Her quest to redefine herself as an artist and as a woman yields unexpected challenges.

Liz discovers there is no escaping those willing to malign her character as she expands her creative reach. Envy and jealousy escalate when she falls for a man of integrity and honor. An adversary dies under suspicious circumstances, and Liz finds herself implicated in the woman’s death. Will the destruction of her REPUTATION be sufficient for those who resent her talent and beauty, or will she be forced to confront trumped up murder charges by those who continue to cast aspersions on both her character and her artistic gifts? And will Liz’s new lover stand by her side as she asserts her innocence?

—Laura Taylor, 6-Time Romantic Times Award Winner