Tracker: A Fox Walker Novel

Book 1
Tracker: A Fox Walker Novel
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Award-Winning Book One of the Fox Walker Novels

Loner and expert tracker Fox Walker’s discovery in the Colorado wilderness will force him to employ all of his unique skills and wisdom if he is to save the Woman of the Wilderness.

NIEA Award

Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards 2017
Finalist in the San Diego Book Awards 2017
Voted Best Fiction at Southern California Writers Conference


Apprenticed since early childhood in the ancient Native American skills of survival, tracker Fox Walker is a loner by choice until the day he discovers a young woman living as a primitive deep in the Colorado wilderness. A woman with no memory of her past and a torso riddled with scars. A woman with no desire for rescue and no reason to trust him.

The killer responsible for her emotional and physical damage has returned to finish what he started. Walker soon finds himself in the midst of an FBI manhunt. He’ll be called upon to use all of his unique skills and wisdom if he is to save the Woman of the Wilderness.

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Dennis Crosby Interviews Indy 

Here’s an orchestral rock piece Austin Farmer wrote inspired by the novel “Tracker” . He imagined how Fox Walker’s journey would sound, running through Gray’s Forest alongside Nataya. Enjoy 🙂

“Debut author Indy Quillen bursts onto the fiction stage with Tracker, a compelling psychological thriller certain to dazzle readers. Rich characterization, brisk pacing, graceful writing, and an in-depth knowledge of Native American spirituality and survival skills hallmark this novel. Even better, this is book one in a series. I’m hooked!”

LAURA TAYLOR, 6-Time Romantic Times Award Winner and 2-Time MAGGIE Award Winner


“Tony Hillerman’s legacy goes to the next level in Indy Quillen’s rich debut, Tracker. Part Rambo, part Joe Leaphorn, and Jim Chee, Quillen’s Fox Walker proves himself to be a formidable hero. I look forward to seeing more of him!”



“Mystery readers should love Indy Quillen’s Tracker. Fox Walker is a Ute who tries to live as his ancestors did. He runs a wilderness survival school, and is asked by the local sheriff to track down a “ghost” in the San Juan foothills. It is not a ghost that Walker discovers, but a flesh and blood young woman. He also discovers trouble. It soon becomes clear that this mysterious woman whose stomach is rife with scars has a history with a notorious serial murderer. Indy Quillen offers a captivating read with an engaging protagonist. There are twists and turns aplenty in Tracker, a book that is both action-filled and didactic.”

— ALAN RUSSELL, Bestselling author of BURNING MAN


“In most suspense novels, the protagonist must face off against a worthy opponent. In Tracker, the hero, Fox Walker, faces adversity in his interactions with almost everyone: the police he’s trying to help; the killer he’s on the trail of; even the lovely woman whose skills on the hunt are matched only by the mystery of her origins. When all these trails converge, the results are pure excitement.”

— MARK A. CLEMENTS, Award Winning author of THE LAND OF NOD & LORELEI