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We Love Pasta

Maybe my hubby and I are secretly Italian and not Irish/English because we love our pasta and bread and wine. But our eating lifestyle is strictly high protein and low carbs – it’s how we maintain our desired weight and energy level.

But Hate Feeling Guilty

So once a month we give in and fix a plate of whole wheat pasta and garlic bread and wash it all down with a glass of wine. Then we feel a bit guilty and spend a week getting rid of the excess weight it brought with it.

Here’s Our New Solution

Veggetti Kitchen Tool - slicerVeggetti with zucchiniI purchased a new kitchen tool this week that I’ve been seeing advertised. It’s called a Veggetti (yeah — think they could’ve done better with the name!) and some of my friends have them and gave me encouragement to buy one, too. So I gave it a try. Wow! I have to give it 5 stars! It was relatively inexpensive to purchase and easy to use.

I decided to try it using zucchini because it’s a low calorie veggie compared to potatoes or carrots, for example. There are different ways to cook the vegetable, once it’s been grated into the ‘pasta’, including boiling it. But I decided to use the sauté method, as that’s how I prepare spaghetti squash and we like it done this way.

Green and red peppers and tomatoesI didn’t even have a recipe to follow. I simply gathered what was available from my little container garden—tomato, green pepper, red pepper and basil—and took it from there. First I sautéed some minced garlic in olive oil (EVOO) and then slowly added the zucchini pasta. Once it had cooked a short time I added the minced peppers and cooked until the zucchini had the right texture (al dente) that we prefer. You must keep stirring to avoid browning. At the last moment I added the chopped basil and diced tomatoes, then cooked it just long enough to make sure the tomatoes were warmed through, but not soggy.

I topped the zucchini pasta mixture with some freshly ground pepper, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese (just leave this out if you are dairy free). It was delicious and the best part was I didn’t crave the garlic bread that I always want with my pasta! This time we served the veggie dish with a side of lemongrass chicken spring-rolls in wonton wrappers. If you are vegetarian or vegan, simply add veggie combos that give you the right amount of protein.

Prep Time

sauteed zucchini pastaTo give you an idea of the time frame involved: I did the veggie prep while the oven heated (about 10 minutes) and then cooked the veggie pasta while the chicken spring rolls baked (10 minutes). So the entire meal only took 20 minutes.

Now that we know we love this type of ‘pasta’ we’ll try it with some homemade pasta sauce. The variations are as unlimited as your imagination!

If you too want to get more veggies into your diet, without missing out on your favorite foods, maybe you’ll want to try this simple kitchen tool as well.


Have you already tried this handy kitchen tool?


  1. Sharon Meredith

    Awesome blog Indy. Love it! And love that you sauteed. 🙂

    • indy

      Thanks Sharon! We’ll have to share any cool recipes we come up with as we experiment with this!

  2. Sue P.

    I need one of those! I bought a Spiralizer and wasn’t happy with it. Thanks for the tip!

    • indy

      Thanks for the feedback, Sue! So far I’ve been super happy with this one. I’ve only tried zucchini at this point. Hope to try some potatoes for my favorite Italian soup. Thanks for stopping by!


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