Cool Products to Know About: The Water Brick

The power goes out & we grab a flashlight, or light a candle.

Consequentially, most of us have flashlights, batteries, candles and matches on hand for emergencies, right?

But for many people the loss of power also means no running water.

Most private wells have an electric water pump. And people living in multi-level or high-rise buildings may discover that without electricity, their water can’t be pumped up to their floor.

Even if you live in a single household and use city water, a long-term outage could eventually result in a loss of pressure for water delivery. And we’re not even factoring in water contamination from flooding, etc.

Not having potable water for drinking is a big deal.

Although there’s always someone who beats the odds, it’s generally agreed we can only live 3-5 days without water. And dehydration quickly starts affecting our reasoning. Think Hurricane Katrina, SuperStorm Sandy and the Southwest Cold Snap of 2013 as reminders of how our water can be fouled and contaminated, or not even available because water pipes are frozen.

So it makes sense we should be even more prepared water-wise for an emergency than we are for extra food.

Most sources quote that we should keep at least one gallon per person per day as a good starting amount. Then you need water for food preparation, pets, clean up, etc. Most people aren’t prepared for this. Why? If you’re like me, water storage isn’t as easy as placing a few flashlights around the house and having some candles on hand. How to store any significant quantity of water for long term has always been a challenge for me – until I discovered the Water Brick.

Water BrickMade of BPA Free FDA Compliant Materials, these handy containers hold 3.5 gallons of water, which would weigh 27- 30 pounds – 30% less carry weight than a standard 5 gallon container. And they have an easy-grip carrying handle. If you are forced to leave your home during an emergency, you can grab these individual bricks and go. They are terrific for tailgating and camping as well.

For storage, the really cool part is that you can cross stack and interlock them up to 4 feet high. These durable HDPE plastic containers can stack in the bottom of your pantry, closet or under a bed. Securely tie them down in your car or boat using the holes in the container and a bungee cord.Two Water Bricks

And water storage isn’t the only way you’ll find to use these durable containers. Dry goods, such as rice and beans, store very well in the Water Brick. And if you have pets, why not keep a brick full of dry dog/cat food (holds 15 pounds) in case of an emergency – or if you are forced to quickly evacuate your home, as many have had to do during our wildfires here in Southern California.

For more information, you can check out the Water Brick Website

And check out How to Store Water for some great pointers!


I hope you find this information useful and it inspires you to make sure you have water on hand for emergencies. What Products have you found useful?



  1. Mike Sirota

    Good thoughts, especially here in Earthquake Country.

    • indy

      Thanks, Mike. I was guilty of having extra food on hand at all times, but not much water. After reading up on the subject I decided I needed to do something about that. Most of us forget that without water we won’t last long, but we can go three weeks without food (although I wouldn’t recommend it!). These Water Bricks were the perfect solution for me…



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