Gardening: The Fall Vegetable Garden

Summer is ending, but that doesn’t mean your garden is done!

As the last weeks of summer heat slow the production in your vegetable garden, opportunity awaits you for a fall and winter crop of cool-temperature-loving veggies. No matter what temperate zone you live in, there are lots of ways to extend your growing season, from transplanting quick-growing veggies to adding fabric covers, a hoop, or even a cold frame. I remember harvesting turnips in the Midwest long after that first frost, even digging them up from under a light snow fall!

Fall Root VegetablesQuick Growing Fall Loving Vegetables

Here’s an informative article from Grow a Goodlife for 13 Quick Growing Vegetables for Your Fall Garden. The list includes valuable tips for planting and harvesting cool season crops that will be ready in 60 days.

September Plantings

As I write today’s blog it’s September here in southern California and this article from Stoney Acres gives great advice for 5 Crops you can still plant in September. Don’t worry, the article is written for those living in Zones 4 to 7, so you don’t have to be in a warm clime to find the information useful.

Fall Plantings in a Warm Climate

If you do happen to live in a more temperate climate, The Homestead Garden has a wonderful Fall Gardening Planting Guide for veggie plants and fruits that can be harvested all winter long in the warm climes.

September means I’ll be planting radishes, baby carrots and some of the leafy veggies to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.


What are your Fall Garden Plans?

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