Encouragement: Don’t Wait for Perfection – it Never Arrives

I read something today that made me sad.

A young person I know quite well, posted a long list of elaborate reasons why he wouldn’t consider creating an online game right now, even though he has ideas and would like to. His reasons included the fact that “any idiot could make a game – just look at what is online”. But he wanted the proper equipment, time and money to create a kick-ass game. So he wasn’t going to do anything toward his goal, until that criteria was met.

I realize, that to him, his reasons sound logical. After all, doesn’t it make better sense to wait until he has all the best equipment, time, and money to pursue his goal?

Well, here’s the thing. 99% of us will never have the perfect scenario or ideal resources to follow our dreams. I don’t know about you, but I started my business with a 13” laptop and some hastily printed business cards, then worked my butt off. If I had waited until I had the perfect office, equipment, time, clients and money, I’d be in a world of hurt by now!

And not one person I know has ever created that kick-ass game or a kick-ass book, artwork, or a kick-ass anything on their first try. It takes countless hours of toiling on something new (and along the way, making some really crappy stuff) before we have the skill level to accomplish that dream.

Make Things Happen!So, if we’re sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the perfect moment to appear, we shouldn’t be so quick to shoot down that person who is making what we consider crappy work, when they are at least trying to learn, and doing something to move them closer towards their goal.

Wayne Gretzky said it best, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

It’s not easy, I know. I doubt that I am alone in saying that I hate having to be a beginner. I don’t mind taking on a new challenge, but I dread going through that learning curve. (Thank goodness I was so naive when I started writing. I had no idea what I was getting in to!) But boy, doesn’t it feel good when we make it past that beginning mark? What an accomplishment!

So, if you are waiting for the perfect scenario to appear before you go after that dream of yours – take a deeper look.    Are those really just excuses based in fear?

Let your passion override that fear and jump in. Make those mistakes upfront and get them over with. Build your resources while you learn your craft, and soon you’ll have everything in place to achieve that dream of yours. Here’s a book that helped me understand why we may not think we’re ready for that leap of faith: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

As my sensei told me many, many moons ago, “Don’t make excuses.”


What Experiences can you share about going for your dream?




    per usual, a very true approach to “getting started”.

    • indy

      Thanks Ruth – very kind of you to say.

  2. Anita

    Wow. Perfect reminder at the perfect time. Thanks.

    • indy

      That makes my day, Anita. :0)

  3. Andrea Michele Wilson

    Hi Indy,
    Well, I just had my first article published. Granted, it was only in a newsletter for Audubon, but it’s a start. It isn’t the best article in the world…I haven’t found my voice yet, and I’m not always understanding who my audience is…so I have a lot to learn! But that’s not stopping me. I decided that it’s important to keep going and follow through, no matter what. Later this year, I am submitting an article for a CA magazine. Will I fail miserably? maybe, but I don’t care. I’m humble, heck why should I care if someone rips me a new one?! Anyways, thanks for the advice Indy! This is a great article, and I hope more people decide to jump in and just get started on their dreams, regardless of where they’re at. Be brave and bold, why not? One of the quotes that keeps me going is when Warren Beatty said something like this: “If there’s something you are planning to do within the next ten years, don’t wait. Do it now”

    • indy

      First,let me say a BIG Congrats, Andrea! Good on you for getting out there and going for it! The only way we can learn to write, is well, write! So of course it takes a while to find our voice, but you will — because you’re writing. I’m super excited for you! And thank you for the kind words. If I can inspire just one person to follow their dream, I’m a happy camper.
      Please keep me updated on your progress, ok?

  4. Leslie Johansen Nack

    How true! We must begin where we are today. Waiting until everything is perfect is just a cover-up for fear. We must be brave and step outside our comfort zone.

    • indy

      So true Leslie! Hard to admit it to ourselves, but we have to face it. Whenever I find myself stalling, I stop and think, “What do I fear?” Thanks for commenting – much appreciated!


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