Encouragement: Fighting the Good Fight

I know a writer who is fighting cancer right now…again.

I’m sure when he received the diagnosis he had a moment of WTH. After all, he’d already fought and beat it once–and isn’t once enough in a lifetime?

Martial Arts handsBut true to his character he didn’t give up, he’s pissed and fighting even harder this time around. His upbeat and “can do” attitude inspires me. Although he and I are connected on Social Media, we’ve only met in person a couple of times. Yet he has been a role model for me as a writer and as a human being. And I cheer him on from the sidelines. We never know how our lives can influence others, do we?

And this isn’t his first or second go around with fighting against the threat of defeat.

This particular writer was told, more than once, that his work would never sell. Yet he kept writing, honing his craft, and ultimately self-published his work, while always working hard at his platform building, and guess what? He became quite successful. Even to the point of getting the attention of the big boys in NY and Amazon. Yes, he’s a fighter.

As writers we all must fight that good fight. We must believe in ourselves when no one else does. We must believe in ourselves as we work to build our skill set and get in those 10,000 hours of writing to learn our craft. And sometimes we have to believe in ourselves when others do, and we doubt our own talent! It’s a rocky road we must travel. But I can’t imagine a different path.

Here’s an inspiration I like to read on a regular basis…a reminder that things happen in this world we do not choose, yet how we respond is us making a choice.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” —Joel Barker


  1. Mike Sirota

    As it is said, “We don’t know how strong we are until ‘strong’ is the only choice we have.”

    • indy

      Agree, Mike. Many times we are more surprised than anyone at what we can do, when we have to.

  2. Lynne Kennedy

    Nice post, Indy. I’m going through something similar with several friends diagnosed with cancer. In fact, am going to NYC to be with a long time friend who’s undergoing surgery this week. It is amazing how resilient humans are, and writers, more so, because their skin has to be tough as leather to persevere in the face of criticism. A positive, can do attitude can make the difference.

    • indy

      Thank you, Lynne. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends. But I believe you’re correct…that a positive attitude is a huge bonus factor—one that can’t be measured by the doctors.

  3. Ann Young

    Excellent post, Indy–I can relate to it in so many ways. It’s also a great reminder about the importance of perseverance, believing in oneself, and continuing to fight the good fight in one’s own behalf. Excellent!

    • indy

      Thank you, Ann. And give yourself a pat on the back for your own perseverance and believing in yourself.You are definitely fighting the good fight, with your health and your writing. Hugs to you!


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