Life Hack: Going Green — Don’t Forget the Bedroom

Don’t Forget the Bedroom!

Whenever we set out to save energy and make our homes green (energy efficient and more environmentally friendly) we often neglect the bedroom. After all, most times it’s only used at night to sleep in. But there are ways to make this space as green as the rest of our home—and keep it a restful, rejuvenating place to enjoy.


Here are Some Easy Steps to Go Green in the Bedroom:


Install good blinds and curtains on the windows:

Plantation ShuttersPlantation shutters are a great way to keep out the heat in the summer months and the cold in the winter. You can add some decorative curtains or drapes – although the plantation shutters are beautiful in their own right. If the shutters won’t work in your situation, try using wooden slatted blinds. The blinds or shutters make it much easier to regulate the temperature in the room by blocking out the hot sun and keeping the cold air on the outside. It can mean the difference between cranking up the furnace/AC or simply turning on a fan or throwing an extra blanket on the bed.


Never use a space heater to keep warm at night:

Not only is a space heater a huge energy waster, it’s downright dangerous and a fire hazard. The better solution is to dress warmer for bed, and add another blanket, quilt or comforter. Just like clothing, layers are much warmer than one heavy blanket. The layers trap your body heat under the covers, where you want it. And if during the night you get too warm, simply throw back one of the covers.

Decorate with nature:

SeashellsI love to decorate using found objects from nature. When we lived near the ocean I filled containers with seashells we had found on the beach. I also display pine cones, fossils, rocks and crystals that have been collected over the years. You can add seasonal cut flowers. And of course live plants not only give you an organic, outdoor feeling but also add fresh oxygen to your space.

Don’t purchase new furniture:

I’d always wanted to decorate a room using older pieces and antiques. The bedroom was the perfect place to try my hand at this. Even one unique piece can make your room stand out. Visit flea markets and thrift stores. It’s more environmentally friendly to recycle existing furniture and keep it out of the landfills. Besides, the older pieces are more green then the new furniture that many times includes plastics/wood combinations and won’t last along as the older pieces.

Don’t forget to Clean Green:

Cleaning Window blindsOnce you have your green bedroom all set up, make sure to keep it dust free and clean using green products, instead of chemicals. Here’s my blog on how to easily clean those wood slatted blinds using an old pair of socks and white distilled vinegar . You can use the same vinegar to clean your windows and mirrors and keep them streak free.


What ways do you Go Green in your bedroom?


  1. Jill G. Hall

    These are some great suggestions. I love to write and read in the bedroom without turning on the lights. Just using the sun to guide my way.

    • indy

      Knowing you as I do, Jill, I’m positive your bedroom is very “zen” and a wonderful space to spend time reading and writing! Thank you for stopping by here today! I love hearing from you ~


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