Life Hack: Simple Time-Saver Tips

I love finding ways to re-purpose items AND save time!

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you know how much I love finding ways to re-purpose common household items so that I’m not only less wasteful, but more time efficient as well. And time-saver tips are right up there with some of my favorite life hacks.

Here are some oldies, but goodies for you!

Natural Peanut ButterStore Organic Natural Peanut Butter Upside Down:

If you buy natural peanut butter you know how the oil gathers at the top of the jar and it can be rather messy trying to mix it back into the peanut butter. But if you store the jar upside down, the oil is now at the bottom of the jar. Turn the jar over, right side, up a few minutes before you want to use it. This allows the peanut butter to release from the jar lid. Works for other nut butters as well. No more messy oil at the top!

Using Vodka to Disinfect Your Mattress:

Yeah, some of you will wonder at my suggestion of using alcohol for something other than drinking—but this is a tip not many know. Filling a bottle with vodka and spraying it on your mattress will actually disinfect it. Pretty cool, eh?


Boiling pot with wooden spoonKeep That Pot From Boiling Over:

Many of you may already know this one, but for those who don’t…laying a wooden spoon over the top of a pot will keep the liquid from boiling over. Lots of myth-busters have tried this one and found it to be true. The theory is that the cooler wooden spoon destabilizes the bubbles as they come into contact with it. This make the boiling water retreat. Also, the foam created from boiling liquid is filled with steam. If the foam touches something cooler, the steam condenses (changes back into liquid) and this breaks up the bubbles. Granted, if you leave the liquid boiling too long, the wooden spoon will heat up and no longer work efficiently and the pot may eventually boil over. But the wooden spoon trick has saved many a cook from a messy cleanup!


Cleaning Stainless Steel Without Commercial Cleaners:

Of all the products lining the grocery store shelves, purported to be the best cleansers, nothing works as well for me as simple Baking Soda and White Distilled Vinegar. Whether I’m cleaning up my cooking pots and pans or my stainless steel kitchen sink, nothing leaves it as clean and shiny as a quick scrub with Baking Soda and a follow-up with some vinegar. I don’t even need a harsh mesh scrubber. A sponge does the trick!


Did You Find These Tips Helpful? Do You Already Use Any of Them?


  1. Jill G. Hall

    I have never heard of the wooden spoon over pot and look forward to trying it! Thanks.

    • indy

      My Mom always did this, so I have too. It wasn’t until recently that I learned about how it works. :0)

  2. Sharon Meredith

    Love these Indy! I didn’t know any of them. 🙂

    • indy

      Thanks, Sharon! So glad you found them useful. And Thank You for taking the time to comment here – it’s greatly appreciated. Always love hearing from you!

  3. Lois

    Thanks for the reminder of using Vodka to disinfect mattresses, it’s just in time for spring cleaning when I like to give my mattresses a once over.

    • indy

      You’re welcome, Lois! This was a new one for me and I was happy to learn of something to use that is more natural than the spray Lysol products! :0)


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