Life Hacks: Common Kitchen Items Do Double-Duty

Yep – it’s time again to share some more Life Hacks.

If you read my blogs on a regular basis, you already know how much I love to find ways to re-purpose common items around the house. Rather than throw something away that still has some functionality left to it, I like to find a new inventive way to use it. Maybe it’s from those years of watching every penny and making sure nothing went to waste. Or maybe it’s just the challenge.

But there’s another way to re-purpose items – and that’s to simply find more than one way to use it. I’m always on the lookout for ways to make housework easier and faster – so anything that simplifies my day is a win in my book.

Here are three common kitchen items that can do double duty around the house:


Opening jar with rubber gloveRubber Gloves

Never fails, I’m trying to open a new jar with a lid that doesn’t want to budge, or an old jar that has a stuck lid, and there isn’t a strong guy nearby to assist me. So I slip on one of my dishwashing rubber gloves and voilà – now I have the grip I need to easily open that stubborn lid. No problemo.


cooking spray for door hingeCooking Spray

A squeaky door hinge is driving me crazy and I don’t have any WD40 handy. I go to my pantry and whip out that can of cooking spray and give the hinge a quick shot or two. Then I swing the door back and forth a few times to work the oil in. No more squeaks.


Stainless Steel SpoonStainless Steel Spoon

I’ve been slicing an onion and mincing garlic for my favorite recipe, and now the food smells great, but not my hands. To neutralize that strong smell on my skin I simply rub my fingers on a stainless steel spoon while holding it under running water. It really works!


Hope these simple tips make your day an easier one!

What Kitchen items have you discovered can be used for multiple purposes?


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