Life Hacks: How ’bout a Light? And Other Bright Ideas

Those of you who read my blogs on a regular basis, already know how much I love using common household items and re-purposing them for something new.

I suppose I can blame it on all those years I spent raising two boys on an extremely limited budget (and refusing to use credit cards). Scraps of leftover material from sewing projects were used to create quilts. Blue jeans, with worn out knees, made a new pair of shorts – and the cut off remains were sewn into pants for the toddlers. Old newspapers (we read them back then) were rolled and used as fire starters in the wood-burning stove. Food scraps went to the compose pile. Grass clippings in the summer served as mulch on the garden, to keep down weeds and hold in moisture. And in autumn, leaves were raked into piles and added to the now mostly dormant garden to decompose during the winter.

You get the idea. It’s in my DNA. No wonder I’ve always recycled.

So I thought I’d share a couple of cool hacks I recently ran across.

Headlamp with strapThis first one is perfect for a time when you find yourself suddenly without electricity. Maybe you have a flashlight handy, or that headlamp you last used on a camping trip, but what you really need is just some soft light, to illuminate the area you are in. Jug of water lit by headlampSo take that headlamp from your head and simply wrap the strap around a plastic jug filled with water.
Viola! No more bright glaring light in your eyes – only a pleasant glow. This one is especially nice if you have small toddlers who might be a little too curious about that pretty burning candle you lit when the power went out.

Battery Storage Box
And it’s easy to keep batteries handy and easy to find with this small Battery Storage box. I found this one at the Container Store and keep it in the refrigerator.


Next is one just for the fun of it. I saw it first on Pinterest and had to give it a try – just because. We don’t drink soda at our house, but try to have it on hand when guests are visiting. So this was a way to make use of that leftover plastic liter bottle. Platic Liter Bottle with top offIt was quick and easy to cut the top off the bottle with a pair of kitchen shears. slide top on food bag

Then you simply thread the top of the leftover bag of food (this happens to be rice) through the neck of the plastic bottle top, pushing the bottle top down until you have enough of the bag to fold back down over the neck of the bottle top.


cap on bag
Then screw the lid back on. It seals the bag better than a clip or rubber bands. And I love the fact that the bottle top lets you open and easily pour the contents out without any spillage.
Come to think about it, this would be great for little crafty items, like beads. Pretty nifty.



Let me know if you try either of these – or have something you want to share!





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