Life Hacks: To Make Your life Easier

I love finding ways to use already existing items for multi-purposes.

And I especially appreciate it when I can discover something that makes my life a little bit easier, as well. Don’t you?

Today I decided to share some really simple around-the-house hacks you can use. I wish I could take credit for all of them, but alas, some of these I’ve seen elsewhere in the course of my life, and simply remembered them – but not where I found them. Enjoy!

• Need a flathead screwdriver for a quick fix and you don’t want to go get the toolbox? The prongs on a basic power plug will fit the groove on mid and large screws.

Sponge as Cold Pack

• How about a frozen, saturated sponge for an icepack – rather than a lumpy bag of ice? And as the water melts, it stays in the sponge and doesn’t leak out of the baggie.

• Have a tall candle that still has life left to it, but the wick is too deep to reach with a match? Light a stick of spaghetti to get a flame to that hard to reach candlewick.



Hanger Recipe Holder• I don’t know about you, but even with lots of cookbooks on hand, it never fails that a majority of recipes I want to try are paper print-outs from the computer. Trying to read the recipe while it lies on the kitchen counter, where food is being prepared, is inefficient and messy. Here’s an inexpensive recipe holder that keeps your instructions handy and at eye-level for easy reading.


Straw in Soda Can• I don’t normally purchase canned soda (or pop – for you Mid-westerners), but I do occasionally, on a hot day, splurge on a can of Aranciata (Italian Orange Soda). And even though this isn’t really a hack, I thought it was just plain clever, so I’m sharing it anyway. Once you open the can, flip the tab back and put your straw through it to hold it from rising up in the can opening. Yeah – it works.

I hope you found something you can use!

What household hacks do you use?

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