Connecting with readers and other writers is one of the benefits of being an author. When I do a book signing and see readers and other writers there supporting my work, it warms my heart. But when I watch the participants also mingling and chatting with each other, it excites me. That is what a writing community is all about.

Indie Bookstores supporting local authors, book clubs discussing books, organizations that encourage reading and writing, and writing conferences are all ways to connect with others who love books. To help assist in this gathering of community, I’m sharing Upcoming Events here in the San Diego area (and sometimes elsewhere) that might be of interest to writers and readers. I encourage you to check them out!


What’s Up With Indy

Conference Fun and Record Sales


I’m new to the lovey state of Washington and looking forward to joining and becoming active within the writing community of this region. I also plan to stay connected to the San Diego writing community that I’ve grown to love. I will be participating in opportunities as they make themselves available. In September I attended the PNWA Conference and met lots of wonderful new writers and published authors. One of the weekend highlights was meeting Donald Maass. I use his Novel Writing Workbook for each of my books.

I’m excited to share that during a recent 99-cent sale on the TRACKER novel, so many readers purchased books that it was propelled into the top 100 books in the Suspense Action category on Amazon for three days!
What fun that was! A BIG Thank You to every single reader. You made my day!

TRACKER hits top 100 in Suspense

If you are in a writing group or member of an organization, or have a favorite writing conference you love to attend, I’d love to hear from you. And I’d be happy to post upcoming meetings and events here for readers to discover.

Feel free to Contact me and pass along the information.

Writers helping other writers is the best part of the writing community! 

Upcoming Writer Events


Hosted by Jonathan Maberry
and Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore

Sunday, October 7th 
Noon – 3:00pm

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
5943 Balboa Ave #100
San Diego, CA 92111

* * *


Puget Sound Chapter of Sisters in Crime
Speaker: Flash Fiction Night!
Thursday,October 11th

Stadler Room at Third Place Commons
Lake Forest Park Town Center
Lake Forest Park, Washington 98155

* * *

PARTNERS IN CRIME / S.D. Chapter of Sisters in Crime
Speaker: Rhys Bowen: Bringing the Past to Life
Writing Historical Mysteries
October 13th
10am – Noon

San Diego Writers, ink
Arts District at Liberty Station

2731 Historic Decatur Road
Barracks 16, 2nd floor
San Diego, CA 92111

* * *

Sponsored by:
Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America
Friday through Sunday
October 26- 28th

Westin Hotel
Bellevue, WA

* * *