Connecting with readers and other writers is one of the benefits of being an author. When I do a book signing and see readers and other writers there supporting my work, it warms my heart. But when I watch the participants also mingling and chatting with each other, it excites me. That is what a writing community is all about.

Indie Bookstores supporting local authors, book clubs discussing books, organizations that encourage reading and writing, and writing conferences are all ways to connect with others who love books. To help assist in this gathering of community, I’m sharing Upcoming Events here in the San Diego area (and sometimes elsewhere) that might be of interest to writers and readers. I encourage you to check them out!


What’s Up With Indy

Upcoming Workshop at SCWC

My husband and I recently moved from Southern California to the lovey state of Washington. I’m looking forward to joining and becoming active within the writing community of this region, but I also plan to stay connected to the San Diego writing community that I’ve grown to love. I will be participating in opportunities as they make themselves available, such as the Southern California Writers’ Conference in San Diego on February 16-18. I’ll be leading the workshop listed below and hope to see you there!


Before the Book: Creating Your Online Persona

Objective: As a writer, you are told you need an online persona long before that first book gets published. But how do you do that without a book? In this workshop you’ll learn how building your persona is about more than “just the book”. Indy will help you explore the many online options available, and supply tools to aid you in the discovery of your own unique avenue to follow. A sampling of the topics to be covered include: How do I discover and define my own persona? What Social Media venues should I use? Why will my path be different? Do I need a blog? What do I blog about? How will I tie my books to my personality?

If you’re attending the conference and this sounds helpful for you, I hope you’ll stop by for the workshop!

And if you’ve read this far down the page, as an added bonus I’m sharing this sound track with you from a young, talented musician and author friend of mine. Austin Farmer created this music for my novel, TRACKER. He imagined Fox Walker running through the forest with Nataya. Enjoy! 


Upcoming Writer Events

February 2018

Hosted by Scott Siger
and Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore

Sunday, February 4th
Noon – 3:00pm

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
5943 Balboa Ave #100
San Diego, CA 92111

* * *


Puget Sound Chapter of Sisters in Crime
Speaker: Beth Jusino / Crafting the Perfect Pitch
Thursday, February 8th
7:00pm – 8:30pm

Stadler Room at Third Place Commons
Lake Forest Park Town Center
Lake Forest Park, Washington 98155

* * *


San Diego Chapter of Sisters in Crime
Speaker: Police Detective Jana Beard
Sunday, February 11th
12:00pm – 2:00pm

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
5943 Balboa Ave #100
San Diego, CA 92111

* * *

San Diego
Begins Friday, February 16th and lasts through Sunday 

Click HERE to see full schedule of events & details

Crowne Plaza San Diego Hotel
2270 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108

* * *