Connecting with readers and other writers is one of the benefits of being an author. When I do a book signing and see readers and other writers there supporting my work, it warms my heart. But when I watch the participants also mingling and chatting with each other, it excites me. That is what a writing community is all about.

Indie Bookstores supporting local authors, book clubs discussing books, organizations that encourage reading and writing, and writing conferences are all ways to connect with others who love books. To help assist in this gathering of community, I’m sharing Upcoming Events in the Seattle, Washington area and in San Diego, California (and sometimes elsewhere) that might be of interest to writers and readers. I encourage you to check them out!


What’s Up With Indy

An Interview for Authors of the Pacific Northwest 

I’m fairly new to the lovey state of Washington and look forward to joining and becoming active within the writing community of this region. One such recent opportunity came about when I was contacted by Vikki J. Carter. She asked to interview me for the Authors of the Pacific Northwest podcast.

It was great fun and I hope you’ll take the time to listen in on our conversation. You may learn some things about me that you didn’t know. And if you are a writer, as well, I delve into that topic too.

You can Click Here to listen to the podcast. Make sure to check out the list of resources listed below the podcast for further information.

My Newest book, Reputation is currently ON SALE!. My editor describes it as a suspense novel with a heavy romantic element. So why did I delve outside the Fox Walker series? This book was one of those stories, that to me, just had to be written. In today’s online social world our reputations are extremely fragile, and so vulnerable to the whims of others that it alarms me. I believe the theme will resonate with many readers. And, like the Fox Walker Novels, the reader does get to spend a lot of time in the outdoors. Most of the story takes place in a small rustic town in the San Jacinto Mountains of California. Some of you might guess what real community inspired my fictional town.

If you haven’t yet read the Fox Walker Novels, the first book, Tracker is currently on Sale. The Kindle is 99 cents and the Print Book is only $10.95

If you are in a writing group or member of an organization, or have a favorite writing conference you want to recommend, I’d love to hear from you. And I’d be happy to post upcoming meetings and events here for readers to discover. Feel free to Contact me and I’ll pass along the information.

Writers helping other writers is the best part of the writing community! 

Upcoming Writer Events

Winter 2022


Virtually Hosted by Jonathan Maberry
and Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
First Sunday of Every Month
Noon – 3:00pm

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
Scheduled Zoom Meeting


* * *


Sisters in Crime / Puget Sound
– Zoom Meeting –

* * *




Partners in Crime / San Diego
Meetings are currently on being held online
2nd Saturday of the month at 2pm
Register here to receive notices

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
3555 Rosecrans St

Suite 107
San DiegoCA 92110


* * *


Indie Authors Night
Up to 20 authors attending
(Indy Quillen included)
March 19th
(Postponed – new date to be announced)

6:00pm – 8:00pm

7430 164TH AVE NE SUITE B105