Survival: 12 Survival Hacks Using Only Leaves

River and TreesI love learning survival skills.

I can’t help it—it’s just who I am. Our ancestors were in tune with their surroundings and knew how to use what nature offered up. I find that knowledge fascinating. Just as the Native Americans strive to keep their culture alive for future generations, I too love the idea of knowing how our ancestors survived without all the modern conveniences we’ve come to rely on today. And it really wasn’t that long ago when you think about it. In 1879 Thomas Edison produced a reliable electric light-bulb.

I ran across a blog post that I just had to share with you today. It’s called Fat Guys in the Woods – who can resist a website with a title like that? But this particular blog is a most excellent source of information on all types of ways to use the common plant leaves that exist around us every day.

Plantain plantYou can check it out here: 12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves

Even if you aren’t a survival enthusiast, like I am, you may find something intriguing here, or a new interest!

There are lots of photos, and they are top notch, making plant identification easy.

And the video on how to make cordage is a nice bonus. I’ve used it to learn how to make cordage out of all kinds of plants and materials. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is!

I invite you to take a moment and read through the blog. You never know what you may learn that could come in handy some day!

I’d love to get feedback from anyone trying the cordage video, or if you used anything you learned from reading this blog.

Do you have a favorite Self-Reliance website to recommend?

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