Survival: Back to Basics for Healthy Foods

In the 1970’s the supermarkets didn’t carry healthy alternative foods.

Good luck finding organic produce, juice, meat or grains. There were no options to purchase canned foods without the added salt, drinks without the high fructose corn syrup, or cheeses without food coloring. Forget organic herbs & spices.

Garden VeggiesSmall owner operated stores and shops took up the initiative and started supplying customers with what they were searching for, healthy, organic, natural foods–the way Mother Nature intended and what our bodies craved. I know this because I was one of those store owners. Over time we began to take enough business from the large grocery stores that they noticed—thus prompting them to offer more healthy alternatives as well. It was a rather quiet revolution that most people probably never realized was taking place. But it changed forever what grocery stores decided to stock on their shelves.

Demand for a Product will Create a Supply.

That’s the great thing about having a Free Enterprise system in our country. When people show a desire for a product or service, someone notices, takes up the call, and creates a new business catering to those needs.

Today there is another silent revolution taking place.

You won’t hear much about it on the news, but you can read about it if you know where to look. And you can see the evidence around you, if you are observant.

Since our food revolution in the 70’s, I’ve watched Big Ag (Agriculture) and the FDA (Food & Drugs) and the Fast Food Industry take control over what we consume—and they don’t want us to know what’s in these products they call food.

And here I’ll add a disclaimer that I’m not trying to incite a political or scientific debate. This is my own personal opinion and you have your right to yours. I’m merely sharing my observations and research.

You may be thinking, So What? Who cares? The FDA says it’s safe.

To that I would simply say, look around you. Our country is not a healthy people. We consume more food than most any other country and yet disease runs rampant. We are not starving, yet we lack nutrition. Even the FDA has recently admitted to leading the country down the wrong path about cholesterol. What else have they gotten wrong? Obesity, even in our children, has become the norm. Yes, lack of outdoor activities and exercise do contribute to this. But my own personal experience showed me a new truth.

Stir fry Chicken & VeggiesA year ago my husband and I changed our eating lifestyle. We eat six times a day (five snacks and one large meal). These are high protein, low carb meals. We eat only organic meats and vegetables. We eat very little grains. No heavily processed foods. No sodas. In four months I lost fifteen pounds and my husband lost fifty pounds WITHOUT ADDITIONAL EXERCISE. We lost the weight using the new lifestyle only and we feel great. How much, how often and what food we ate made the difference. All the exercise in the world hadn’t helped us do that. And we’ve maintained this weight because we didn’t just diet we changed our lifestyle of eating.

I’m convinced the unhealthiness in our country is due in a large part to not only poor food choices, but also to the highly processed, chemical laden and even imitation foods lining our grocery store shelves. If you think I’m exaggerating about imitation foods, read the label on Cool Whip. And what about margarine? Processed from corn oil and one molecule away from being plastic. Is it any wonder it doesn’t spoil? No bacteria or living creature will touch it. Nature intuitively knows it’s fake food. We’re not so lucky.

And then there are the GMO foods (Genetically Modified Food).

I have a friend who argues that there’s nothing wrong with GMO foods, that we’ve been manipulating our foods for years. But there is a huge difference between selective breeding and genetically introducing a foreign DNA into another organism. It brings up a whole new can of worms, such as how does our digestive system see these new organisms – can we digest a plant that contains a fish DNA? And of course we have the other side of the coin in the fact that GMO seeds cannot reproduce new seed for your next crop – thus you have to purchase more seed from the manufacturer. This has destroyed third world farmers who accepted Monsanto seeds as a “gift”.

I’m not an expert and I’m sure you can find research done by the scientists working for Monsanto who will tell you not to worry, it’s safe. All I can go by is my own research from scientists who are not in Monsanto’s pocket, and my own experiences: my husband and I’s weight loss eating healthy, organic foods. The fact my sons grew up on organic, homegrown foods and never had so much as a cavity, and are still healthy today. While some of their cousins grew up eating highly processed foods, junk foods and sodas and today suffer from a multitude of food allergies and ailments, including gall bladder disease at an extremely early age.

This brings us back to that silent revolution I mentioned.

People are tired of being lied to so corrupt corporations can make huge profits. It’s our very health these people are playing with. We are tired of the government saying we don’t have the right to demand foods be labeled so we know what’s in our food and how it was processed–basically what exactly we are putting in our bodies.

So guess what? People are taking the initiative and going back to the basics.

VeggiesWe’re shopping at Farmer’s Markets and stores who offer a selection of organic foods (organic also means it can’t be GMO). We’re eating more real food, such as fruit, vegetables and organic meats. We’re passing up the highly processed, chemical laden imitation foods. We’re shopping for foods that are clearly labeled as Non-GMO and Organic.

And it’s starting to make a difference.

Just like back in the 1970’s, grocers have noticed. I’ve watched the organic section in our local grocery store expand three times what it was a mere two years ago. Labeled Non-GMO and Organic products line shelves now. Organic meats are available. Companies see the marketing value of letting customers know if their product is organic or Non-GMO, even as the government makes laws saying companies don’t have to tell us what’s in the food. Let them make laws. The people are speaking out by what they purchase and the companies are listening. Even in the Fast Food Industry. Look at food services such as Chipotle. They listened, and it sure hasn’t hurt their profit margin!


So what will you do?

Are you going to take back control over what you put in your body?


  1. Mike Sirota

    My bride and I are eating more organic foods these days. They’re expensive, but the cost seems to be coming down as the markets are starting to carry more of it. Besides, what price health?

    • indy

      Yes, I agree, Mike! It’s been hard to pay the extra cost, but when organic becomes more the norm I think prices will come down closer to where they should. Lots of people are starting their own small gardens to supplement – or even container plantings.

  2. Jill G. Hall

    I really try to eat healthy but can’t seem to resist chocolate. Is it true that a limited amount of it is good for us?

    • indy

      I sure know that feeling, Jill! :0) The secret is to only purchase and eat dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate(yes, I had to give up the M&M’s!). The health benefits of dark chocolate come from its content of cocoa phenols, which are natural compounds known for their antioxidant properties. Milk chocolate has the least amount of these. But eating too much dark chocolate would still negate the health benefits. We use the dark chocolates as a replacement for sweet desserts (such as ice cream, cookies, cake and pies) at the end of our dinner meal. We purchase the individually wrapped pieces to control how much we eat. And we occasionally treat ourselves to the locally made dark chocolate treats purchased at our Farmer’s Market. It’s satisfying without ruining our healthy eating lifestyle.


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