DIY: When Keeping Warm Means Survival – Try This!

Sometimes, keeping warm means more than just comfort. Sometimes it means your very survival – or not!

I may live in sunny Southern California today, but I grew up in the Mid-West and raised a family there. And I even experienced the blizzard of 1978 (I know – I’m dating myself) – but I want you to know that I do understand the struggles a large portion of the country is currently battling.

As I’ve mentioned here before, living out in the country I was accustomed to losing power often, and planned ahead for it. When the blizzard blasted its way through our area, I used food canned from our garden to make a large pot of vegetable soup, homemade bread and a pumpkin pie. Others weren’t as prepared. One neighbor reported she had only orange juice and Cherrios. So once the blizzard conditions ceased, we bundled up and took supplies to her via the kids’ sled. We were all lucky – we still had power.

Weather like this is as dangerous as it sounds and looks. The cold and isolation is one thing. But many times people are facing those elements without power for heat, or to get water.

And trying to keep warm the wrong way can turn deadly. Desperate people will do desperate things. Many times they are simply ignorant that what they are doing is dangerous.

Candle heaterThere are ways to keep warm without being in danger of toxic fumes or a fire. And this is one of the simplest little set-ups I’ve seen. It’s cheap, easy to make and inexpensive to use – and no toxic fumes. Tea lights and two clay flower pots. A friend of mine saw this in action and says it works well. I’m going to try it and will give a report. But in the meantime, for anyone interested Here’s the Link to a video that shows you step-by-step how to make this. Many thanks to Dylan Winter, journalist, YouTuber and boat owner, for posting this helpful video.

Let me know – do you think this would be helpful in an emergency situation?




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