Writing Tip: Truth About the Best Time to Post on Facebook

When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

As authors and business people, we all struggle with the varying marketing strategies hurled at us from many sources. One of those adages is that there is a perfect time to post of Facebook.

This article from Buffer gives you a different point of view on the subject and backs it up with facts and studies. I recommend you check it out as they offer some great insights on using existing Facebook tools to gain more knowledge about your audience.  I found it helpful.

Why There is No Perfect Time to Post on Facebook by Buffer

Full Disclosure: I like Buffer. I use it to schedule my Twitter and Pinterest feed, but you can use it for your other social media venues as well. I find they are an excellent resource for social media marketing information.

The Take Away: The most important point you should take away from this article is this piece of advice:

“If you want to succeed on Facebook, your content will be the most important factor. Not the time it’s posted. Of course, timing can have an effect on performance if the post is timely or more relevant at set time – such as content aimed at reaching sports fans at the time when games are happening. But largely, your social media success relies on the strength of your content.”


Have you had a different experience with your post times on Facebook?

I’d love to hear about your results!


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      Thanks, Jill! Glad you found it interesting.


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