Writing Tips: Awaken the Writing Force Within You

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

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I thought I might as well jump on board the Star Wars theme with everyone else. And I have to say it feels great to be back into the whole May the Force be with You world. So many life lessons and quotes to pull from!

Search your feelings…and know that your writing force is ready to awaken…ready to take on that evil empire called the blank page. Just Never tell me the odds.

For those of you struggling with how to get started with a blog, remember Yoda’s wise words of Try not. Do…or do not. There is no try.” You will never learn to blog, if you don’t blog. Writing lots of blogs will help you find what I call “your blogging voice”. It is different than your novel writing voice, your poetry voice, or your non-fiction voice. And blogging is the only way you’re going to figure it out. Do!

Or maybe you’re looking for a way to once again get excited about your existing blog? There is A New Hope.

Here’s an entertaining—but full of great information—post by Bryan Hutchinson I recently discovered that speaks to all things bloggerly:

13 Jedi Tips on How to Be the Best Blogger & Writer You Can Be

In this lighthearted post Bryan touches on all aspects of blogging, and many of the suggestions have worked well for me. So I highly recommend you check it out, and make sure to save it to ponder for future blogging adventures.
After all, the Sky’s the Limit!

Stay on Target…Stay on Target…and Don’t get cocky!

The Force will always be with you!


I would love to hear back from you. How do you awaken your Writing Force?

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